E.ON Men's Championship Group A: Ferencváros win battle of unbeaten teams

2018. november 10. 14:14

Group A of the E.ON men's championship saw three matches take place including a clash between two unbeaten sides, FTC and BVSC, which the former won 14-6.

Photo: Dávid Madar/MVLSZ

Hungary head coach Tamás Märcz, his assistant Zsolt Németh and men's football national-team coach Marco Rossi were interested spectators as Ferencváros hosted BVSC. The home side started very well, scoring from their first attack when Tamás Sedlmayer threw the ball into a corner of the net and extending that advantage through Dénes Varga's penalty in the third minute, but Kristóf Várnai opened BVSC's account soon after. Toni Német celebrated his latest national-team call-up with Fradi's third goal just ten seconds from the hooter to give his team a 3-1 advantage at the first break.

Aaron Younger stretched this lead to three goals early in the second quarter only for Csaba Mészáros to reply with the visitors' second strike, but the the three-goal cushion reappeared with Márton Vámos' strike and the score soon became 6-2 before half-time with Nikola Jaksic's successful effort on goal. BVSC were never able to string a concerted series of attacks together while at the other end Fradi always looked dangerous. The second half played out in this manner, Vámos, Dénes Varga and Miklós Gor-Nagy securing a 3-2 third-quarter win for the Népliget side and the first two finding themselves mongst the goalscorers in the final period too as Fradi ran out 5-2 winners to seal a 14-6 victory overall.

Group A continued with AVUS at home to Pécs, who had defeated Honvéd in a midweek fixture a few days ago. AVUS started the better of the two teams and surged into a 4-2 lead by the first break, a two-goal cushion they maintained until the halfway stage with a 2-2 draw in the second period. Life for the Szombathely team was to become even better after the break as a 3-0 third-quarter success all but sealed the match for them, a 3-1 defeat in the final period proving to be an ultimately meaningless setback as Márk Matajsz's team triumphed 10-7 and thus won their first match of the season.

THe other match in Group B saw Szentes face János Horváth's young KSI team, Csaba Pellei's charges leading throughout as they confidently swatted aside their capital-city opponents 10-6. KSI remain bottom of the table without any points.

E.ON Men's Championship, initial stage, 5th round
Group A

FTC-Telekom 14-6 BVSC-Zugló (3-1, 3-1, 3-2, 5-2)

Goalscorers: FTC: Varga Dénes 3, Vámos 3, Younger 3, Gór-Nagy 2, Sedlmayer, Német, Jaksic, BVSC: Mészáros Cs. 2, Csapó, Várnai, Pásztor, Sugár

AVUS 10-7 PVSK-Mecsek Füszért (4-2, 2-2, 3-0, 1-3)

Goalscorers: AVUS: Garancsy 2, Irmes 2, Basara 2, Takács, Baj, Polovic, Ekler, PVSK: Csaba 2, Sebestyén 2, Csacsovszky A., Krizsán, Rakonjac

Metalcom-Szentes 10-6 KSI SE (3-0, 1-2, 4-1, 2-3)

Goalscorers: SZT: Hegedűs B. 3, Nagy M. 2, Vörös 2, Chrysopathis 2, Pellei, KSI: Bóbis 2, Schmölcz 2, Dávid Z., Bihácsi

Friday's result:
ZF-Eger 11-10 Budapesti Honvéd

Group B standings:
1. Eger 15 points
2. FTC 15
3. Honvéd 9
4. BVSC 9 
5. AVUS 3 
6. Szentes 3 
7. PVSK 3 
8. KSI 0

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